Persona #1

Mary Smith 55

Married with 3 kids and is working on a limited budget, she likes occasional museum visits, enjoys watercolor paintings, especially ones that are of nature. Mary has a moderate amount of computer experience and can navigate websites easily. Mary Has 3 cats and also loves to garden.

Would be interested in buying a painting for her home


Persona #2

Bob Jankens 66 is an Architect

Single, with a dog at home and is looking for artwork for his lobby. He likes different concepts and renderings of his famous designs. He is a perfectionist and is looking for someone who has an architecture background to help bring his art to life. Bob has made a name for himself and is well-off.

Bob has limited computer experience and rarely does online shopping.


Persona #3

Tony the Russian (Age Unknown)

Has loads of money to spend on art he likes and likes to buy paintings from artists who are still alive. Tony likes to collect art for his many different homes all over the world and has found a new appreciation for California artists.

Persona #4

Small Business  ie.  Hair Salon

Companies looking to design office space or planning a remodel who would commission a “series” of similar paintings that follow the same theme.

Limited budget for this larger type of project when it comes to interior decorating of “art” works. In this case the client has very specific requirements in terms of personal preference and it may be necessary to design the paintings according to an already existing design