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About the Artist

Capturing nature and the joy and excitement, peace or mystery, or any emotions it can instill in us as humans, has long been my passion.

I first fell in love with photography and then I started painting at age 36. I was always drawn to my creative side even though my sensible side guided me into a business degree. While working for several corporations I was always hearing the creative side of me yearning for a different experience. Over the years I have been very grateful for being able to grow up in rural Arkansas and later to live in Southern California. Both experiences offered   so much natural beauty in the landscape.  Easy access to so many excellent museums and galleries continue to expose me to more and more superior artwork.

By studying under several excellent artists in both classes and through various art clubs, I found that I really loved learning about the variety of styles and techniques of each one.

Art is everywhere and I cannot get enough of it.


Custom Paintings


The process starts with a discussion of your particular subject matter, I usually take my own photographs and we meet with a few of the best ones so that you can pick out the view you like the best!

I use top quality paper and paints and the paintings are done in full sheet (22″x 30″) half sheet (16″ x 20″), and quarter sheet (11″ x 15″) sizes.

Framing is not included in the price, we do not offer framing services but we have several recommendations available.

The paintings typically require 3-4 weeks to complete. After photos are taken and sizes are chosen, a 50% deposit will be required.


As an artist I find different ideas from very different sources. I would like to share with you some of the videos that I come across the internet that I either find very entertaining, interesting, influential, educational, or just simply something fun!




The best way to get in touch with me is through Email Karon@klmfineart.com or by sending me a message in the form below: